Joseph Martin Kraus (1756−1792)

Andante (un poco largo) D major

VB 23 Addenda (earlier VB 156)

  • Year of composition: Stockholm 1782 (according to van Boer)
  • Work category: Orchestral works in one movement
  • Duration: Approx. 1-5 min
  • Detailed duration: Uncertain

Instrumentation / / (cont) / str

Location for score and part material

Transcription in private ownership, Näs estate, Rö, Uppland with the inscription 'From the Prologue to Æneas in Carthago' (according to van Boer)

  • Possible call no. and autograph comment: Autograph lost (according to van Boer it earlier existed at the publishing company Traeg, Vienna)


van Boer Jr, Bertil H: Die Werke von Joseph Martin Kraus. Systematisch-thematisches Werkverzeichnis, the Royal Swedish Academy of Music series no. 56, Stockholm (1988); an updated edition in English with a partly revised VB-numbering was published in 1998 by Pendragon Press under the title 'Joseph Martin Kraus. A Systematic-Thematic Catalogue of His Musical Works and Source Study' (the earlier VB 156 can be found in the later edition as VB 23 Addenda, p. 82)

Description of work

Andante un poco largo D major 3/4

Work comment

According to van Boer the music is identical to a ballet in the opera Æneas in Carthago (Dido and Æneas) VB 23; see the registration of that work