Joseph Martin Kraus (1756−1792)

Sonata for piano in E major

VB 196 (earlier VB 192)

I. Vivace
II. Adagio
III. Andantino con variazioni

  • Year of composition: Probably Stockholm 1787-1788 (according to van Boer)
  • Work category: Piano
  • Duration: Approx. 25-30 min
  • Detailed duration: 25'53 (according to BIS Records' CD)
    28'42 (according to Stradisvarius Records' CD)

Examples of printed editions

Due Sonate Per il Forte Piano composte dal Sigr. Giuseppe Kraus, Maestro di capella all' attuale Servizio di S. M. Il Re di Svezia, Stockhom nella Stamperioa di Musica Privilegiata dal Re (ca 1788). RISM K 1972 (compare also VB 195)
'Sonata in E Dur. Ed. by H. Rosenberg. Richard Anderssons Musikskolas Studiebibliotek Nr. 6. Stockholm: Nordiska förlag, 1926.' [sic] (according to van Boer)

Location for score and part material

Transcript at Uppsala University Library (according to van Boer)

  • Possible call no. and autograph comment: Autograph lost (according to van Boer)


van Boer Jr, Bertil H: Die Werke von Joseph Martin Kraus. Systematisch-thematisches Werkverzeichnis, the Royal Swedish Academy of Music series no. 56, Stockholm (1988); an updated edition in English with a partly revised VB-numbering was published in 1998 by Pendragon Press under the title 'Joseph Martin Kraus. A Systematic-Thematic Catalogue of His Musical Works and Source Study'.

Description of work

I. Vivace E major 3/4
II. Adagio A major 4/4 (C)
III. Andantino con variazioni E major 2/4