Isidor Dannström (1812−1897)

Songs at the piano, Book 3, Six Songs. 'Wore jag blomma' [sic]

opus 15

  • Year of composition: Probably mid-1840s (opus 12 came in 1844, according to Svenskt Biografiskt Lexikon). One of the original songs in opus 15 was later replaced by two others. (See more below.)
  • Work category: Voice and piano
  • Duration: Approx. 1-5 min

Examples of printed editions

Abr. Hirsch, Ed. no. 1020

Description of work

Grazioso F major 3/4

Work comment

Opus 15 includes Wore jag blomma, 'Här vill jag dö med dig', Med henne på vågen (Barcarole), Hösten, Längtan vid Stranden and Wåren och Glädjen. Duet. (According to Svenskt Biografiskt Lexikon was 'L'inquiétude' originally inluded but was later exchanged for 'Längtan vid Stranden' and 'Wåren och Glädjen'.)


1. Wore jag blomma ack huru gerna [sic] ville jag blomstra

2. Wore jag blomma på älskingsstranden, jag dig en störde

3. Wore jag blomma jag ville vara fäst vid ditt hjerta