Jakob Adolf Hägg (1850−1928)

Hvi suckar det så tungt uti skogen
[from Nya sånger och visor]

opus 14 (not entailed in the printed ed.)

  • Year of composition: Year of composition unknown, probably end of 1860s
  • Work category: Male choir and instruments
  • Text author: Bernhard Elis Malmström
  • Dedication: To C. Nordqvist
  • Duration: 3 min



Solo voices/choir

1 soprano
Male choir: T.T.B.B.

Examples of printed editions

Nya sånger och visor, self-published, printed in Gävle 1910, Gefle-Postens tryckeri

  • Location autograph: Musik- och teaterbiblioteket

Description of work

Lento E minor 4/4