Adolf Fredrik Lindblad (1801−1878)

I Mallas album (om hon egde [sic; ägde] något) [In Malla's album (if she owned one)]. Menuett grazioso [Minuet grazioso in A major]

  • Year of composition: Probably the 1870s (The majority of these pieces were composed in the 1860-1870s. [As Malla Silfverstolpe, renowned writer and salon hostess in Uppsala, passed away in January, 1861, here, ’Malla’ most likely refers to Lindblad’s granddaughter.])
  • Work category: Piano
  • Duration: 1 min
  • Location autograph: Musik- och teaterbiblioteket
  • Possible call no. and autograph comment: Autographs

Description of work

Menuett [Minuet] grazioso A major 3/8

Work comment

The collection includes:
Con espressione [in D major] [no. 1]
Con espressione [in D major] [no. 2]
Allegro [in D minor]
[Stycke i G-dur (Piece in G major)] [no. 1]
Visa utan ord [in D major]
[Stycke] (Piece)
Quasi andante [in D minor]
Allegretto [in G major]
Moderato [in E minor]
Andante [in F major]
Allegretto [in F-sharp minor]
[Stycke i Ess-dur] (Piece in E-flat major) [no. 1]
Allegretto [in D major] [no. 1]
[Stycke i F-dur] (Piece in F major) [no. 1]
Andante cantabile [in A major]
Bagatelle [in G major]
Ej för fort (Allegretto) [in E-flat major]
Balduins riddare
[Stycke i G-dur] (Piece in G major) [no. 2]
Ich bin die Zufriedenheit
Menuett [Minuet] grazioso [in A major]
Allegretto [in A major]
[Stycke i d-moll] (Piece in D minor)
Andante (ur Lottens samling) [from Lotten's collection] [in C major]
Slarviato [?]. Allegro [in G major]
Poco allegretto [in G major]
Andante con moto [in A major]
Allegretto [in G minor]
Andante [in G major]
[Stycke i F-dur] (Piece in F major) [no. 2]
Allegro assai [in G minor]
Ej fort (Not fast) [in G minor]
Allegretto [in D minor] [no. 1]
Allegretto [in D minor] [no. 2]
[Stycke i Ess-dur] (Piece in E-flat major) [no. 2]
Den gyllne sopåkaren
Adagio (ur Anna Casperssons samlingar) [from Anna Caspersson's collections] [in E-flat major]
Adagio ("Sippan föds [?]") [in F minor]
Allegretto [in D major] [no. 2]
Allegro ma non troppo [in B-flat major]
Tempo di Menuetto [in A major]

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