Girilal Baars (1967-)


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Educated at Uppsala University and Sibelius Academy (FIN). PhD in Composition from the University of HUddersfield (UK). WOrks with vocal music, chamber music and electroacoustic music. Born in Moscow (Russia) by Dutch and Indian parents.

Born in Moscow in 1967. Based in Uppsala since 1986. Studies: improvisation (Uppsala University), composition (EMS Stockholm, STDH Stockholm, University of Huddersfield, UK), voice (Sibelius Academy, Helsinki, private studies).

Publications by the composer

Baars, Girilal: "The Harmonic Sequencer: Mapping the Harmonic Series to a Sequencer", Divergent Press, Issue #4, 2015

Summary list of works

Electroacoustic music (e.g. Lykanthropos, R******d, Trioxia), chamber music (e.g. Doth Protest Too Much för saxophone quartet and voice, Intone Tenth Aerial for string trio), vocal music (E.g. White Belyj Hvit, voice and electronics, Two Timing, voice and electronics), film music (e.g. Ballet de la Nuit, REVERSEforward, Eating for Two, After Life), stage music (e.g. Stackars alla djuren, Kuu nukkuu, Cyborgic Sapiens).

Works by Girilal Baars

Number of works: 26