Franz Berwald (1796−1868)

Apoteos, Music for N.N.'s commemoration party for Shakespeare

1. Choir.
2. Romance: Tenor solo.
3. Choir.
4. Tenor solo, choir.
5. Bass solo.
6. Finale

  • Year of composition: 1864
  • Work category: Male choir with solo voice(s) and orchestra
  • Text author: Ludvig Josephson
  • First performed: 7 May 1864, De la Croix' salong, Stockholm. Singers and musicians from the Royal Opera and the N.N. society under the direction of Ludvig Norman
  • Duration: Approx. 20-25 min

Instrumentation / / timp / str

Solo voices/choir

Solo voices: 1 tenor, 1 bass
Men's choir, T.T.B.B.

Examples of printed editions

Bärenreiter, Kassel 2010, vol. 22.2 in Franz Berwald Sämtliche Werke

  • Location autograph: Musik- och teaterbiblioteket

Description of work

1. Choir. Adagio F major 3/4
2. Romance: Tenor solo. Larghetto A-flat major 3/4
3. Choir. Allegro moderato C major 4/4
4. Tenor solo, choir. Poco Andante E-flat major 3/4
5. Bass solo. Andante G major 2/4
6. Finale = No. 3 Da capo

Work comment

The piece was composed for the celebration of Shakespeare's 300th birthday.

The music comprises a number of reused older works. Movement 1 is based on  Himmel, skydda Svea land, movement 2 on movement 34 [a] in Slottet Lochleven and no. 9 on movement 2 in Nordiska fantasibilder.