Bernhard Crusell (1775−1838)

Introduction et Air Suèdois varié

opus 12

  • Year of composition: Composed at the latest in 1804, probably revised between 1814 and in the beginning of the 1820s
  • Work category: Clarinet and orchestra
  • First performed: 1804, Stockholm
  • Duration: 10 min

Instrumentation / / timp / str
NB: The piece also exists in an arrangement for clarinet and wind orchestra by the composer

Examples of printed editions

Orchestral material and piano reduction: Peters, Leipzig ca 1830

Fazer, Helsinki 1980

Description of work

The following regards the revised version:
[Introduction:] Allegro con brio B-flat major 4/4, Tema: Andante con moto B-flat major 2/4, Var. 1: Risoluto B-flat major 2/4, Var. 2: B-flat major, Var. 3: B-flat major, Var. 4: Un poco più lento B-flat minor 2/4, Tempo 1mo B-flat major, Var. 5: Più mosso B-flat major 2/4