Bernhard Crusell (1775−1838)

Den lilla slavinnan
Die kleine Sklavin
Romantisches Schauspiel in drey Akten

  • Work category: Operetta / Comic opera
  • Text author: René Charles Guilbert de Pixérécourt, translated by Ulrik Emanuel Mannerhjerta (1775–1849) and Gustaf Lagerbjelke.
  • Duration: Approx. 120-180 min
  • Detailed duration: Stage play with music. The music measures about 70 min.

Instrumentation / /timp, 3 perc / str

Solo voices/choir

1 Soprano (Zetulbe), 1 Alto (Morgiana), 3 Tenors (Nurmahal, One voice from the vault, Sadi), 1 Baritone (Ali Baba), 1 Bass (Massur)
Damkör: S. S. A (bayadèrer), Manskör: T. T. B och T. B. B. (rövare, slavar), Blandad kör: S. A. T. B.
Balett (zigenare)

Examples of printed editions

Levande musikarv, Stockholm 2019. Critical edition by Jani Kyllönen.

The libretto was printed under the title Den lilla slafvinnan. Skådespel i tre akter, blandadt med sång och dans. Fri öfversättning. Musiken av B. Crusell. Fr. B. Nestius, Stockholm 1824

Separate editions in piano vocal score:

Uvertyr: Walter, Stockholm n.d.

No. 2, 4 and 6: G. W. Edlund, Helsingfors n.d.

No. 2: a) Walter, Stockholm n.d.
b) in Det sjungande Finland, book 3
c) in Det sjungande Sverige, book 3
d) in Finlands sångskatt, part 1

No. 6: Walter, Stockholm n.d.

No. 7: Walter, Stockholm n.d.

No. 12: Walter, Stockholm n.d.

  • Location autograph: Musik- och teaterbiblioteket
  • Possible call no. and autograph comment: See below

Description of work

The description is based on the score with text in Swedish.

Overture: Largo C minor 3/4

Act 1.
1. Choir. One voice from the vault, Nurmahal, Male choir. E-flat major 4/4
2. Zetulbe, Sadi. Allegro G major 2/4 prelude and 3 stanzas
3. Pantomime. Only orchestra. Andante sostenuto F minor 4/4
4. Romance. Sadi. [Andante] E-flat major 6/8 prelude and 3 stanzas. On the top of the first page the note E major is written, and in the score with text in German the piece is also written in E major
5. Marcia. Only orchestra. Vivace (Da capo)

Act 2
6. Nurmahal, ballet. Andante con moto A major 2/4 prelude and 3 stanzas
7 Larghetto. Ali Baba, Zetulbe, Morgiana, Saadi, Malr choir, Larghetto C major, Recitativ 4/4, Larghetto A-flat major 2/4
8. Pantomime. Only orchestra. Larghetto, A-flat major 2/4
9. Massur, Nurmahal, Male choir. Andante Maestoso D major 4/4

Act 3
10. Marcia. Only orchestra. C major 4/4
11. Missing title in the score with text in Swedish, named Tanz der Bayaderen in the score with text in German. Only orchestra. Allegretto A major 2/4
12. Scena ed Aria. Zetulbe. Allegro risoluto A minor 4/4, Recitativo, A tempo etc., Larghetto A major 2/4 etc.
13. Marcia con Coro. Female choir. Allegro D major 2/4
14. Zetulbe, Sadi, Ali Baba, Nurmahal, Male choir. Tempo di Polacca B-flat major 3/4
15. Only orchestra. Allegro assai D major 4/4
16. Finale. Ali Baba, Sadi, Male choir, Mixed choir. Allegro moderato C major 4/4

Media files

Edition Swedish Musical Heritage