Bernhard Crusell (1775−1838)

Ingeborgs Klagan
[no. 4 from Ten Songs from Frithiofs Saga composed to Music and dedicated to Frithiof's Poet by B. Crusell]

  • Work category: Voice and piano
  • Text author: Esaias Tegnér
  • Dedication: Esaias Tegnér
  • Duration: Approx. 1-5 min

Examples of printed editions

• Lith. by C. Müller i Stockholm [1826, according to added note].
• Elkan & Schildknecht.E & S 897, publ. 1882 (The song is included in an extended edition: 'Tolf Sånger ur Frithiofs Saga satta i musik och tillegnade Frithiofs skald af B. Crusell', and has here the number 4.)
• Hans Ahlborg Musik (Copy by Elkan & Schildknecht's edition, copied in 2008)

Location for score and part material

Statens musik- och teaterbibliotek

Description of work

Andante doloroso G minor 6/8


Ingeborgs Klagan

Nu är det höst,
stormande häfver sig hafvets bröst.
Ack, men hur gerna jag sute
ändå, der ute!

[The following verses are not rendered in the print.]