Bernhard Crusell (1775−1838)

Divertimento [C major]

opus 9

1. Allegro, attacca
2. Andante poco Adagio, attacca
3. Allegro, attacca
4. Allegro vivace

  • Work category: 5 Instruments
  • Duration: Approx. 15-20 min


ob, 2 vl, vla, vc

Examples of printed editions

• C.F. Peters, 18??
• Musikverlag Hans Sikorski, Hamburg, Ed. nr. 1044 (ed. and rev. Jost Michaels), 1978 (parts). Ed. no. 1044 K gives a version, where the string quartet is rendered in a piano reduction, but in a way that allows the separate parts to be clear. This version can therefore be used as a complete score.

Location for score and part material

Statens musik- och teaterbibliotek

Description of work

1. Allegro C major 4/4 (C), attacca
2. Andante poco Adagio C minor 3/4, attacca
3. Allegro C major 4/4 (C), attacca
4. Allegro vivace 2/4