Edouard Du Puy (ca 1770−1822)

Quintetto [A minor] (Fagotto ed archi)
[last movement (Rondo) composed by Carl Braun]


1. Allegro moderato
2. Andante sostenuto
3. Rondo: Allegro — Allegro assai

  • Work category: 5 Instruments
  • Duration: 19 min
  • Detailed duration: According to printed information in the score: movement 1: 7', mov. 2: 4', mov. 3: 7'


bsn, 2 vn, vla, vc

Examples of printed editions

Levande musikarv, Stockholm 2022. Critcal edition by Julia Lockhart.

Photo print, sign. on the last page: R:ff.
Musikverlag Hans Sikorskin Hamburg, publ. 1974, Erstdruck, ed. and arr. Albert Hennige, H.S. 785

Location for score and part material

Statens musik- och teaterbibliotek

Description of work

1. Allegro moderato A minor 4/4 (C)
2. Andante sostenuto F major 3/4
3. Rondo: Allegro A minor 2/4 [this movement is composed by Carl Braun]