Jakob Adolf Hägg (1850−1928)

Walzer, Andante moderato und Scherzo

opus 62

  • Year of composition: 1870
  • Work category: Orchestral works in several movements
  • Dedication: Walzer: Seinem Freunde R. Hagemeister, Andante moderato: An Herrn O. Lindwall, Scherzo: An Herrn Professor A. Bergenson.
  • First performed: First performance of the Andante moderato and probably also of the Scherzo took place 25 March 1912, Hudiksvalls läroverks högtidssal, Gävleborgs orkesterförening, conducted by Ruben Liljefors
  • Duration: Approx. 10-15 min
  • Detailed duration: Walzer: ca 3 min, Andante moderato: ca 5 min, Scherzo: ca 3 min


Walzer: / / timp / str
Andante moderato: / / timp / str
Scherzo: / / timp / str

Examples of printed editions

• Score printed and self-published, no date or location, probably 1910s
• Walzer printed in version for piano as Valse no. 1. E minor, Det Nordiske Forlag, Köpenhamn / Hofmeister, Leipzig 1899.
• Andante moderato printed in version for piano, self-published, Gävle 1912.

Location for score and part material

Hand written material for the Andante moderato at Statens Musiksamlingar, Material for the Scherzo with Finn Rosengren

  • Location autograph: Musik- och teaterbiblioteket

Description of work

Walzer: tempo denotation missing E minor 3/4
Andante moderato (tempo denotation included in the title) F major 3/4
Scherzo: tempo denotation missing D major 3/4