1. Introduction
2. Pas de deux
3. Scene, March and Scene
4. The Fairies
5. Scene and Finale

  • Year of composition: 1871 (according to Sohlmans musiklexikon); '26 December 1870' (according to score, p. 1), '5 February 1871' (according to score, last page)
  • Work category: Ballet / Dance music, one act
  • First performed: According to Ralf, Klas: 'Kungliga Teatern in Stockholm. Repertoire 1773-1973', Stockholm 1974: the Opera House on 18 February 1871. Contributors: D. F. C. Hjertzell (the Duke), G. V. Sandstedt (a rich farmer), Mlle Janzon (his wife), M. Westberg (Lise), R. Sjöblom (Edwin), H. Lund f Lindh (the Fairy Queen).
  • Arrangement/revision: Instrumentation by C Nordqvist (according to Sohlmans musiklexikon, vol. 3, 1976). 'Ballet Idyll by Theodor Marckhl Music by Ivar Hallström and Conrad Nordqvist.' (according to score).
  • Duration: Approx. 30-40 min
  • Detailed duration: Ca 35' (enligt sändning i P2 den 1 oktober 2003)


2*.2.2.2 / 4.2.3**.0 / timp, perc, 2 hp / str
(picc, alto tbn, bass tbn)
perc: bass dr, cymb, trgl

Location for score and part material

hand written score and parts at Musik- och teaterbiblioteket's collections (Kungl. Teatern, Pantomim-Balett E 8).

Description of work

1. Introduction: (Allegro) Adagio G major 6/8 (varying tempi, keys and time signatures)
2. Pas de deux: Andante E-flat major 3/4 (varying tempi, keys and time signatures)
3. Scene: Allegro vivace C major 2/4, March: Allegro moderato A major 2/4
4. The Fairies: Andantino B-flat major 6/8 (varying tempi, keys and time signatures)
5. Scene and Finale: Allegro - G major 2/4 (varying tempi, keys and time signatures)