Ivar Hallström (1826−1901)

Variations over Liten Karin


Var. I Con moto
Var. II Allegretto
Var. III Un poco agitato
Var. IV Poco Andante
Var. V Allegro moderato

  • Year of composition: Published in 1907 (according to Svenskt Biografiskt Lexikon)
  • Work category: Piano
  • Dedication: 'To Hugo Beer and Jakob Hägg' (according to score print)
  • Arrangement/revision: [Ivar Hallström]
  • Duration: Approx. 5-10 min

Examples of printed editions

Abr. Lundquists Kongl. Hof-Musikhandel, Abr. L. 4012

Description of work

Thema: Andante A minor 2/4
Var. I: Con moto A minor 6/8
Var. II: Allegretto A minor 4/4 (C)
Var. III: Un poco agitato A minor 2/4
Var. IV: Poco Andante A major 6/8
Var. V: Allegro moderato - Andante A minor 3/4 - 2/4

Work comment

'Liten Karin' refers to Hallström's opera with the same name. (See the registration of that work.)