Ivar Hallström (1826−1901)

Per Svinaherde. Sagospel i 3 Akter [Per Svinaherde (approx. Peter the Swineherd). Fairy play in 3 acts

  • Year of composition: 1880 according to some sources, 1887 according to others
  • Work category: Operetta / Comic opera
  • Text author: Henrik Christiernsson (1845-1915)
  • First performed: 29 December, 1887, The Opera House, Stockholm (according to an annotation made in pencil in the tbn 3 part material, the performance was given for the benefit of the Theatre’s pension fund.)

    Performers according to Klas Ralf in ’Kungliga Teatern. Repertoar 1773-1973’ [’The Royal Theatre. Repertoire 1773-1973’] (1974): C. F. Lundqvist (Kejsaren [The Emperor]), A. Klemming (Prinsessan [The Princess]), E. Linden (Prinsen [The Prince]), R. Ohlsson (Baronen [The Baron]), W. Strandberg née Söhrling (Baronessan [The Baroness]), A. Sellergren (Peter), E. Lindström (Märtha), A. Almati m. Rundberg (Lisa), A. Lindblad (Hans), Sjöblom [sic], G. Hjort, C. Gottschalk (Hovdamer [Ladies-in-waiting]), J. Grafström, R. Ohlsson (Bonddrängar [Farmhands]), Pettersson [sic] (En bondpiga [A peasant maid]) et al.

    Performers according to the printed libretto: Mr. C. F. Lundquist (Kejsaren [The Emperor]), Miss A. Klemming (Prinsessan, hans dotter [The Princess, his daughter]), Mr. Emil Linden (Prinsen [The Prince]), Mr. G. R. Ohlsson (Baron v. Kofelt, Öfverhofceremonimästare vid det kejserliga hofvet [Baron von Kofelt, Grand Master of the Ceremonies at the Imperial Court]), Mrs. W. Strandberg (Baronessan v. Kofelt, hans gemål, Öfverhofceremonimästarinna [Baroness von Kofelt, his consort, Grand Mistress of the Ceremonies]), Mr. A. Sellergren (Peter, farmer), Mrs. E. Lindström (Märtha, his wife), Miss A. Almati (Lisa, their daughter), Mr. A. Lindblad (Hans, bondpojke [young farm boy]), Miss C. Sjöblom (Första hofdamen [Principal Lady-in-waiting]), Miss G. Hjorth (Andra hofdamen [Second Lady-in-waiting]), Miss C. Gottschalk (Tredje hofdamen [Third Lady-in-waiting]), Mr. J. Grafström (En bonddräng [A farmhand]), Miss A. Pettersson (En bondpiga [A peasant maid]), Miss H. Borgström - Miss A. Eklöf - Miss E. Hamberg - Miss A. Bäckman (Fyra tomtar [Four Gnomes/Nisses]). Hoffolk, Pager, Sändebud, Vakt, Bondfolk, Tomtar, Troll, Elfvor m m [Courtiers, Pages, Envoys, Guard, Farmers, Gnomes/Nisses, Trolls, Fairies, et al.]
  • Duration: Approx. 90-120 min
  • Detailed duration: Uncertain


2*.2.2.2 / 4.2.3*.0 / timp, perc, hp / str
(picc, bass tbn)
perc: bass dr, cymb, trgl

Solo voices/choir

Kejsaren [The Emperor] (baritone)
Prinsessan, hans dotter [The Princess, his daughter] (soprano)
Prinsen [The Prince] (tenor)
Baron v. Kofelt, Öfverhofceremonimästare vid det kejserliga hofvet [Baron von Kofelt, Grand Master of the Ceremonies at the Imperial Court] (baritone)
Baronessan v. Kofelt, hans gemål, Öfverhofceremonimästarinna [Baroness von Kofelt, his consort, Grand Mistress of the Ceremonies], (mezzo-soprano)
Peter, bonde [farmer] (talroll, bas [spoken part, bass])
Märtha, hans hustru [his wife] (talroll [spoken part])
Lisa, deras dotter [their daughter] (mezzo-soprano)
Hans, bondpojke [young farmer boy] (tenor)
Första hofdamen [Principal Lady-in-waiting] (soprano) [Miss Hörndahl, according to an annotation in pencil in the score]
Andra hofdamen [Second Lady-in-waiting] (soprano)
Tredje hofdamen [Third Lady-in-waiting] (mezzo-soprano/alto)
En bonddräng [A Farmhand] (talroll, baryton/bas [spoken part, baritone/bass])
En bondpiga [A Peasant Maid] (talroll [spoken part])
Fyra tomtar [Four Gnomes/Nisses] (talroller/dansare [spoken parts/dancers])

Hoffolk, Pager, Sändebud, Vakt, Bondfolk, Tomtar, Troll, Elfvor m m [Courtiers, Pages, Envoys, Guard, Farmers, Gnomes/Nisses, Trolls, Fairies, et al.]

3 sopranos (Prinsessan, Första hofdamen, Andra hofdamen [The Princess, Principal Lady-in-waiting, Second Lady-in-waiting]), 3 mezzo-sopranos (Baronessan, Lisa, Tredje hofdamen [The Baroness, Lisa, Third Lady-in-waiting]), 2 tenors (Prinsen [The Prince], Hans), 2[3] baritones (Kejsaren, Baronen [En bonddräng] [The Emperor, The Baron (A Farmhand)]), [1 bass (Peter)]; talroller [spoken parts]

Choir: S.A., S.A.T.B.

Examples of printed editions

Libretto published by Looström & Komp:s Förlag, Stockholm (1887)

Location for score and part material

Score and orchestral parts as well as The Baron's song part, and prompt book can be found at the Musik- och teaterbiblioteket.

  • Location autograph: Musik- och teaterbiblioteket
  • Possible call no. and autograph comment: Kungliga Teatern, Operetter P 20 [The Royal Theatre, Operettas P 20]
    Also in the autograph collection

Description of work

The action takes place in the following locations:
Act I: in the park near the Emperor’s palace
Act II: in the forest
Act III: in a village (the first scene), and in the Prince’s palace (the second scene)

Act I
A park in rococo style with marble benches, statues, etc.
Scene 1: The Princess rests on a bench, surrounded by her Ladies-in-waiting. In front of her is the enchanted coffee grinder from which dance music is imagined to be sounding. The Ladies-in-waiting dance to the sound of the grinder. One of them leaves, makes a hasty return, and on hearing her words, all make a scream. Out of breath, the Lady-in-waiting greets the Princess. The Ladies-in-waiting place themselves so that the mill is hidden by their panniers. The Princess, Ladies-in-waiting
Scene 2: The Baroness speaks to the curtsying Ladies-in-waiting. The Princess comes forward. The Baroness makes a deep curtsy. The above, The Baroness
Scene 3: The Baron enters. The Princess leaves, followed by the Ladies-in-waiting taking the grinder with them. The above, The Baron
Scene 4: The Baroness addresses the Baron with a commanding gesture. He kisses her hand and rushes out. The Baron, The Baroness
Scene 5: The Baroness looks through her lorgnette in the direction of the Princess’s exit. She leaves. The Baroness
Scene 6. A short paus. The Princess and Ladies-in-waiting enter. General murmur. The Ladies-in-waiting make a deep curtsy, with their eyes dropped. They make a dance formation, the Princess joining in. The Princess, The Ladies-in-waiting
Scene 7: The Emperor takes the Princess’s hand and the Imperial Court form two lines on either side of the stage. The above, The Emperor, The Baron, The Baroness, The Imperial Court
March: Allegro vivo G minor (varying keys) 2/4 (varying time signatures)
Scene 8: Entries of 1. The Baron, 2. Six Pages, 3. The Prince (disguised as Envoy), 4. Two Courtiers (carrying cushions on which gifts are placed), 5. Guard. The Prince bows to the Emperor, handing him a letter. The Emperor reads the letter, and hands it to the Princess. The Prince makes a sign to one of the Courtiers, who kneels to the Princess. The Prince removes the cloth covering the gift, revealing a cage with a nightingale. He makes a sign to the other Courtier, who kneels. The Prince removes the cover of the second gift, a blooming rose. [The Princess turns down his offer of marriage.] The Envoys leave. The Emperor rages, dismissing the Royal Court. [The above] The Baron, Six Pages, The Prince, Two Courtiers, Guard
Scene 9: The Emperor walks back and forth in supreme rage, then leaves. The Emperor, The Princess
Scene 10: The Princess, who has endeavoured in vain to speak, stomps her feet and clenches her hands. She slaps the Principal Lady-in-waiting, then distributes slaps left and right. The Ladies-in-waiting scream. The Princess walks back and forth. The Ladies-in-waiting talk among themselves, curtsy, and move toward the backdrop. The Princess, The Ladies-in-waiting
Scene 11: The Prince enters, dressed as a swineherd with a large cloak and floppy hat, and carrying a cooking pot. He bows to the Princess, and shows the pot. The Princess is intrigued. All jostle around him. He takes the pot. [The Princess offers ten kisses for the pot and ninety from the Ladies-in-waiting.] The Ladies-in-waiting cover their mouths with their hands. The Prince and Princess sit down on a bench and the Ladies-in-waiting gather around them, concealing with their panniers what is to take place. The Prince and Princess kiss, and the Ladies-in-waiting are counting them. The above, The Prince
Scene 12: The Emperor and the Baron enter. The Emperor whispers in the Baron’s ear. The Baron bows, notices the Ladies-in-waiting. The Emperor walks to a bench and is helped up. He makes a scream. The Baron leves. The Ladies-in-waiting catch sight of the Emperor, scream and want to flee. The Prince and Princess stand motionless. All stay. The above, The Emperor, The Baron
Scene 13: The Emperor descends from the bench. The Guard enters. The Emperor speaks to him, pointing to the Prince. The Guard approach the Prince, and the Emperor leaves, followed by the Imperial Court. The above, The Baron, The Baroness, Courtiers, A Guard
Scene 14: The Prince is taken away. The Princess bursts into tears. The Prince, The Princess, A Guard

Act II
A wild forest. Fallen tree trunks, stones, tree stumps, etc. Moonlight.
Scene 1: Small Gnomes/Nisses peek out from behind rocks and trees. A choir is heard offstage. The moonlight disasppears. Gnomes/Nisses
Scene 2: Hans enters running and falls down on a stone in the middle of the stage. He stands up and finds a tree stump on which he sits down, listening. He then throws himself flat down on the ground. After the ritornello, he hears someone calling and runs shouting off the stage. Hans
Scene 3: The Baron is heard outside. After a while, he enters staggering, fumbling in front of himself with a long walking and holding a cavalry pistol. He shouts. Lisa approaches, weeping. The Baron is holding the pistol towards Lisa. She cries. They sit down on a fallen pine. When he puts his arm around her, she moves away from him, but returns to his side. He takes her arm and Lisa pulls him with her as she leaves. The Baron, Lisa
Scene 4: The stage floods with a magic light. Gnomes/Nisses, Trolls, and Spirits of the Forest enter, dancing to a distant chorus. After the dance, the Prince appears. He lifts his hand, on which there is a magnificent ring. All leave. Gnomes/nisses, Trolls, Spirits of the Forest, The Prince
Scene 5: The Princess enters, her dress in tatters. She drags herself on the stage. The darkness returns. The Princess
Scene 6: The Prince enters, disguised as a young framer. He leaves. The Princess, The Prince
Scene 7: The Princess watches the Prince leaving. She throws herself on the ground, hiding her face in her hands. She dozes off. The Princess
Scene 8: The Princess is sleeping. The Prince looks at her. The Princess talks in her sleep. The Prince leans over her as if he were to kiss her, but changes his mind and leaves. A light foliage is lowered over her, so that she can no longer be seen. The Princess (asleep), The Prince
Scene 9: The Baroness enters, holding on to Hans’s tails. He leans over the spring, takes some water in his cap while the Baroness is holding him. He drinks, takes the Baroness in his arms. Trying to avert his embrace, she shouts and slaps him. He falls on his knees. She continues to hit him. Gnomes/Nisses peek over the cliffs, laughing. The Baroness and Hans sink down on the tree trunk, motionless with fear. The Baron and Lisa enter. He has his arm around Lisa’s waist. She holds out her hand and he takes a gold coin from a purse, kisses her and gives her the coin. He continues to kiss her, giving her a coin for each kiss. They sit down on a rock and she cuddles up next to him. The moon appears, shining on them. The Baron kisses Lisa again, giving her more coins. The Baroness intends to rush towards the Baron, but is held back by vines entangled around her arms and body so that she can only take a couple of steps. Having tried in vain to break free, she opens her arms to Hans, who, delighted, falls into them. There is a deafening noise as a rock crumbles, revealing the Prince, sitting on a high seat, surrounded by Gnomes/Nisses, Trolls and Fairies. The Baroness, Hans, (then) the Baron, Lisa (Gnomes/Nisses, Trolls, Fairies)
Scene 10: Gnomes/Nisses appear, holding torches at the two pairs, who, frightened, have fallen to their knees. They are freed, and the Baroness cries ’Finally!’, rushes towards the Baron, intent on scratching him. The Prince holds out his sceptre and the Baroness is lifted up on a high rock. The Prince points to the Baron and the Dwarfs drag him to the Prince. The Baron struggles against being dragged, but at the sign of the Prince, the Gnomes/Nisses take him away while playfully punching him in the stomach. The Prince points at Lisa and the Gnomes/Nisses lead her to the Prince. She weeps and is places besidd the Baron. The Prince points at the Baroness, and the rock is lowered to the ground. The Dwarfs tear off her pannier and powdered hairpiece and dress her as a witch, with tangled red hair. The Baroness screams. The Baron gets more punches. The Prince sits down. Dance of Gnomes/Nisses, Bears, Snails, and Insects during which the two pairs are being mocked. The Prince points his sceptre towards the foilage under which the Princess is asleep. The above, The Prince, Trolls, Gnomes/Nisses, Fairies, et al.
Scene 11: The foilage opens, revealing the Princess in a magnificent dress, sleeping on a bed of roses, and surrounded by Fairies. Magic light. Sweet music is heard as the Princess awakens, gets up and looks around, bewildered. The dancing Fairies take her hands, bringing her forward on the stage. The mountain opens, revealing a grotto glowing in all colours of the rainbow. The Prince steps forward. The Princess looks at his face and shrinks back. The Prince gives a sign and with haste, he, the Princess, and their entourage are moved into the mountain which closes after them. The others instantly disperse in all directions. The stage is empty and the curtain falls. The above, The Princess

An open space in the village. There is a shed with sheafs of straw, a well with a bucket and crank, the entrance to a barn, and a roundpole fence.
Scene 1: Troubled, Peter is walking up and down the stage. Märtha is sitting on the well’s rim, wiping her eyes with a handkerchief. A Farmhand enters, then another. Peter and Märtha leave. Having taking scythes and leaf rakes, the Farmhands also leave. Peter, Märtha, Farmhands, Peasant Girls
Scene 2: It darkens and steam fog lowers over the landscape, covering the whole stage. The music resembles the sound of a storm, gradually subsiding and slowing down to a calm tempo as the fog disperse and the sunshine returns. Hans is sitting astide the ridge of the shed. He crawls down the thatched roof and falls down on the ground. He sits up, scratching his head. As he hears Lisa from the shed, he gets up, removing the sheafs of straw, under which she is found sleeping. He gets on his knees, shakes her. Lisa talks in her sleep. Hans lifts her up into a sitting position. She stares in front of her, sneezes and is helped up. She trembles, as does Hans. She stops, as if she remembers something, and cries out, throws her apron over her head and cover her ears. Hans hits himself on the forehead and runs to the well to fetch a bucket of water. He falls on his knees, looking at his reflection in the water. Lisa kneels on the other side of the bucket, looking cautiously into it. They take each other’s hands over the bucket and get up. Hans puts his hand into his purse, examines its content. There are five dead eaglets. Lisa gives him the coins she has received from the Baron. After having embraced and kissed, they intend to leave. Lisa shreaks, throwing herself in his arms. They hold each other, crying. They kiss and sneak out of the shed. Hans, Lisa
Scene 3: The voice of the Baron is heard outside. Farmhands and Peasant Maids enter. The Farmhands open the door to the shed and enter. They carry a large swine cage of coarse planks, in which the Baron is lying. It is placed in the middle of the stage and all surround it, laughing. The hatch is opened and the Baron is let out. His clothes and wig are full of straw and dust. He folds his hands, looking to the sky. One of the Farmhands laughs, as do the Girls. The Baron searches his pockets and takes out a gold coin, which he gives them. The Girls curtsy and leave laughing. The Baron, Peasant Maids, Farmhands
Scene 4: The Baron stops, thoughfully takes a portion of snuff, inspecting himself. The Baron
Scene 5: The voice of the Baroness is heard outside and the Baron flinches. The Baroness enters. The Baron tries to kiss her hand, but she pulls it back, laughing. The Baron, wanting to hold her hand, takes out his purse, turns it upside down, and shakes it. He approaches the Baroness, hits his forehead, and falls on his knees. The Baron, The Baroness
Scene 6: Hans and Lisa comes out from the shed, catch sight of the other couple. All four give a cry of fright. Hans slowly speaks to Lisa, as does the Baron to the Baroness. Hans and Lisa leave the stage in one direction, the Baron and Baroness in the opposite direction, resulting in the two couples find themselves in front of the other. Hans and Lisa sing with their hands folded. Hans speaks to the Baroness, Lisa to the Baron, the Baroness to Hans, the Baron to Lisa. All leave. The above, Hans, Lisa
Scene 7: The Princess enters, pursued by the Farmers. She tries to find shelter behind the well. The Farmers are talking over each other. All move towards the Princess, who tries to escape, but she is held down by some Farmhands. The Prince, dressed as a farmer, enters, strikes down a couple of the men, frees the Princess and places himself in front of her as protection. A Farmhand laughs. Peter approaches the Prince, who takes him by the collar. All rush again towards the Prince. Then the voices of Hans and Lisa are heard outside, singing a song of praise. A Peasant Maid speaks. All leave. The Princess (disguised as a gooseherdess), Peasants, Peter, Märtha, The Prince
Scene 8: The Princess has sunk down on a sheaf of straw. The Prince looks at her and lifts her up. They fall into each other’s arms. The Prince, The Princess
The Orchestra plays a festive march, and when the curtain rises the stage represents a hall in the Prince's palace.
Scene 9: The Prince and the Emperor stand surrounded by Courtiers and Pages. The Princess enters. As she sees the Emperor, she approaches and kneels in front of him. He lifts her up and gives her a tender embrace. The Emperor points to the Prince, who opens his arms. The Princess throws herself in his arms. During the chorus, Pages enter carrying a crown on a cushion and kneel beside the Prince. He takes the crown and places it on the Princess’s head. The Prince, The Emperor, Courtiers, Pages, The Baron, The Baroness, Peter, Märtha, Hans, Lisa, The Princess


Act I

1. Prelude. Introduction. Cuplés and chorus.
Prelude: Allegro - Moderato - Allegro G major - G minor - G major - 2/4 - 4/4 (C) - 2/4
Chorus: Ack, hvilken glädje att så få njuta (Hofdamer [Ladies-in-waiting])
Cuplé no. 1: Mins [sic] ni, hur vi häromdagen (The Princess)
Cuplé no. 2: Unge, fule svinaherden (The Princess)
Cuplé no. 3: Ingen dans på hela jorden (The Princess)

2. Scene. Romance. Cuplés and Ensemble
Prinsessa, prinsessa, prinsessa! Hvad skall detta väl betyda? (The Emperor)
Derför att jag vid lynne är Att stanna här Der jag är (The Princess)
Derför att hon vid lynne är Att stanna här Der hon är (The Emperor)
Jag vet, hvad brefvet gömmer /.../ I denna stund han dömer /.../ Hvad månne brefvet gömmer /.../ Hvem vet hvad brefvet gömmer (The Princess, The Prince, The Emperor, The Baron, The Baroness)

3. Cuplés
No. 1. När uti grytan det koka höres (The Prince)
No. 2. Och än mer: med hjelp af er nära (The Prince)

4. Finale
Hur kan då fräck han vara /.../ Du låtsar motstånd bara /.../ Hvad ämnar hon väl svara (The Princess, The Prince, The Ladies-in-waiting)


Act II

5. Chorus (offstage)
Fågeln slumrar i sitt bo

6. Cuplés [also exists as insertion ‘No 1’ in the autograph]
No. 1. I skogen det prasslar (Hans)
No. 2. Här gastarne hålla (Hans)

7. Duet
Han sade ej ett enda ord /.../ Pauvre petite! Ej skäl, min vän /.../ Ack, samma lott Oss förenar här (Lisa, The Baron)

8. Chorus and Recitative
Fågeln slumrar I sitt bo (Choir)
Rätt så, rätt så! /.../ Jag samlat de dödlige hit i natt (The Prince)

9. Recitative and Aria
Snart börja mina krafter svika (The Princess)
Flyktade dagar, fulla af fröjd (The Princess)

10. Duet
Kan du den mannen icke glömma /.../ Nej, jag mitt hat skall evigt gömma /.../ Ett hjerta utan svek jag ger dig /.../ Nej fåfängt du om kärlek ber mig /.../ Din stoltet skall sjunka (The Prince, The Princess)

11. Slumber song and Melodrama
I sömnen allena Får jag frid (The Princess)
Der ligger den stolta, i slummer sänkt ... (The Prince)

12. Qvartet [also exists as insertion ‘No 2’ in the autograph]
Af vrede mitt blod börjar brinna! /.../ Mitt hjerta har börjat att brinna /.../ Vi båda blifvit nu Rätt goda vänner ju /.../ Det nekar jag ej till, Blott ni betala vill /.../ Hör hvilka skratt! Hur är det fatt? Hvilken faslig, faslig natt! (The Baroness, Hans, The Baron, Lisa)

13. Melodrama and Chorus
Åt menskan allt blef gifvet, Som förstfödslorätt (The Prince)
Ve, den som fallit I våra snaror, Han blir för evigt Hos trollen qvar (Choir)

14. Finale
No. 1. Dans af Tomtar och flädermöss [Dance of Gnomes/Nisses and Bats]: Allegro moderato G major alla breve
No. 2. Dans af Björnar, Svampar och Sniglar [Dance of Bears, Mushrooms, and Snails]: Moderato molto D major 3/4
No. 3. Large Ensemble: Allegro - Allegro non troppo [‘Mazurka’ noted in the autograph] - Allegro molto [‘Galopp’ noted in the autograph] varying key signatures 4/4 (C) - 3/4 - 2/4
Hör upp med eder lek en stund (The Prince)
Hvar är jag väl? (The Princess)
Jag skall ej dig i tvifvel lemna (The Prince)
Förundransvärt jag måste nämna (The Baron, The Baroness, Hans, Lisa)
De veta ej, hvad han kan ämna (Choir)



15. Prelude: Andante - Moderato E-flat major 3/4 - 4/4 (C)

16. Interlude: Allegro D minor 2/4

17. Duet
Hvilken fröjd! Hvilken fröjd! Här är ej någon fara (Hans, Lisa)

17½. Insertion. Visa [Song] [‘excluded in 1896’ and also ‘included in 1909’ noted in the autograph; in the libretto the piece is titled ‘Cuplés’]
Hvad ha vi icke pröfvat (Lisa)

Romance. Insertion in the third act [unclear where, in the material the piece lies beside 17½ and is marked ‘No 3’]
Du nalkas länge väntade stund (The Prince)

18. Cuplés [To be excluded, according to note in the autograph]
No. 1. Man sagt, talanger och geni (The Baron)
No. 2. Om blott man är med anor född (The Baron)
No. 3. Dock har jag under årens lopp (The Baron)

19. Quartet
Hvad skräck! Mitt blod sig isar! [‘Af skräck mitt blod sig isar’ according to insertion No. 4 in the autograph], Just då man tror sig fri (The Baron, The Baroness, Lisa, Hans)

20. Duet
Nej, flykta skall din smärta /.../ Du vill då än mig taga /.../ Ack derpå jag ej tänker /.../ Mitt högmod har försvunnit /.../ Hell! Nu har jag segrat! Sorgen flytt! /.../ Hur slår ej Mitt hjerta Af jublande fröjd! (The Prince, The Princess)

21. Finale
March C major alla breve
Recitative: Ers majestät, vår gynnare och far (The Prince)
Den fordne svinaherden en kungason nu är ... (The Prince)
Hell, hell de sälla båda, ja hell vårt furstepar! /.../ Hell! Hell! Hell! (Choir)