• Year of composition: likely in the 1890s (Printed in 1897)
  • Work category: Voice and piano
  • Text author: Zacharias Topelius
  • Dedication: "To my friend Niels Juel Simonsen" (according to the printed edition)
  • Duration: Approx. 1-5 min

Examples of printed editions

Wilhelm Hansen, Musik-Forlag, Ed. no. 12042


The poem is part of "Samlade skrifter af Zacharias Topelius, Sånger, Första bandet 1833-1852" (during the year 1843)

Description of work

Maestoso (various tempo markings) D major (various key signatures) 4/4 (C) (various time signatures)


Så är sagan nu om sången;
så det ädla Suomifolket,
så den vise barden säger