Ivar Hallström (1826−1901)

Sinaia-Album. Minnen från Rumänien. [3.] Ungdomssorg / Junge Schmerzen. Duettino

  • Year of composition: Year of composition uncertain (Printed in 1891)
  • Work category: Voices and piano
  • Text author: Carmen Sylva (pseudonym for Elisabet of Wied, Sovereign Princess and later Queen of Romania)
  • Dedication: "To Miss Lucie Douca" (according to the printed edition)
  • Duration: Approx. 1-5 min

Solo voices/choir

soprano, tenor

Examples of printed editions

Abr. Lundquist, Abr. L. 1891

Description of work

Allegro passionato - Andante - Adagio E major 4/4 (C)

Work comment

The collection includes:
[1.] I Gungan / In der Schaukel. Duettino
[2.] Hvarför / Für Wen
[3.] Ungdomssorg / Junge Schmerzen. Duettino
[4.] Sångaren / Der Sänger. Romans
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Jag ser dig i ögat och solen går opp / Ich seh' in dein Auge, der HImmel geht auf