• Year of composition: 1940
  • Work category: Incidental music
  • Text author: Hjalmar Bergman
  • First performed: 1 January 1940
  • Duration: Approx. 25-30 min

Instrumentation / /timp, perc / str, violinsolo
perc.: bass dr, cymb, tam, trgl

  • Location autograph: Sveriges Radios Musikbibliotek
  • Possible call no. and autograph comment: T 64, parts only. Comment in the folder: 'The score was a gift from the composer to Lars-Erik Larsson. Original manuscript at FST [The Society of Swedish Composers].'

Description of work

1. Entré: Moderato (varying tempo markings) 4/4 (C) D minor
2. Morgon: Molto lento, ad lib, 6/4 various key signatures
3. Fanfar: Moderato energico 4/4 (C) A major
4. Erotikon: Larghetto 12/8 various key signatures (violin solo)
5. Drömmens vävare: Andante largo varying time and key signatures
6. Schero: Presto 6/8 B-flat major
7. Sagan är slut (alt. Sagans slut): Vivo, alla marcia 4/4 (C) A major