Emil Sjögren (1853-1918)

Fyra Skizzer för Piano [Four sketches for piano]

opus 27

I. Andante
II. Allegro
III. Andantino al piacere
IV. Allegretto con anima e energico

  • Year of composition: 1890 (according to Svenskt Biografiskt Lexikon)
  • Work category: Piano
  • Dedication: I. 'To Doctor Ewald Bergman'; II. 'To Doctor Ed. Wellander'; III. 'To Miss Elin Magnusson'; IV. 'To Miss Esther Sellholm' (according to score print)
  • Duration: Approx. 5-10 min
  • Detailed duration: 9'07 (according to Bluebell Records' CD edition)

Examples of printed editions

Abr. Hirschs Förlag, Ed. no. 1997

Description of work

I. Andante E-flat major 2/4
II. Allegro E major 2/4
III. Andantino al piacere F major 3/4
IV. Allegretto con anima e energico E-flat major (varying keys) 4/4 (C)