Fabian Svensson (1980-)

Själv [Alone]


3. Polska [dance]

  • Year of composition: 2011, revised in 2014
  • Work category: Other solo instruments solo
  • Duration: 8 min



Examples of printed editions

Svensk Musik, Stockholm 2016

Description of work

3. Polska [dance]

Movement no. 1 can be performed separately

Work comment

Själv is a work in three movements for solo tenor saxophone. The three movements don't really have much in common at all, as if they just happened to be thrown into the same piece rather haphazardly. The first is based on some leftover ideas from my earlier piece I samexistens (for sax quartet and 4 electric guitars), while the short second movement focuses on simple two-note undulations. The third movement is based entirely on transcriptions of old polska tunes from the region of Dalarna – probably the most emblematically "Swedish" music there is. My use of this folk music is, however, totally different from that of the National Romantics and their stale modern-day equivalents. I am sceptical about the idea of national identities in music, and I am not interested in any kind of "authenticity". Rather, I treat the material in completely shallow, unscholarly and even disrespectful ways, creating a sort of Frankensteinian caricature of the polska.