• Year of composition: 2001-2002, revised in the summer of 2005
  • Work category: Mixed choir with solo voice(s) and orchestra
  • Text author: Ulf Allberg
  • First performed: 8 October, 2005 in the Kalix Church. Barbro Marklund, Andis Petersons, Piteå Motettkör [Piteå Motet Choir], Kalix Kyrkokör [Kalix Church Choir] et al. conducted by Kerstin Baldwin
  • Duration: 60 min


2*.0.0.0 / / perc, org / str

Solo voices/choir

Solo voices: 1 mezzo-soprano, 1 baritone
Mixed choir: S.A.T.B.

Description of work

16 movements