Otto Lindblad (1809−1864)

Marsch. ("Ur Ossians dunkla sagowerld [sic]") [March]

  • Year of composition: Year of composition uncertain
  • Work category: Male choir a cappella
  • Text author: [G. Nyblæus (probably referring to Gustaf Nyblæus, 1816-1902)]
  • Duration: Approx. 1-5 min

Solo voices/choir


Examples of printed editions

Harmonia. Samling af firestemmige Mandskor udgivne af Erik Hoff. Første Bind, første Hefte, Udgiverns Forlag, Christiania (Oslo), 1868 [Harmonia. A collection of four-part male choruses published by Erik Hoff. Vol. 1, 1st book. Editors' publishing house, Christiania (Oslo), 1868]

Description of work

(no tempo marking) D major 4/4 (C)

Work comment

This song also exists in a setting for mixed choir a cappella (S.A.T.B.). See separate post for that version.


Ur Ossians dunkla sagovärld
ditt Oscars namn emot oss klingar